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Curriculum prof. Mario Brunetti
Prof. Mario Brunetti and Maharishi
The ISSUP founder prof. Mario Brunetti, ms Grazia Fiandri Medici (wife of minister Medici) and the Philosopher Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (Beatles' guru), in the ISSUP Seat in street Lungotevere dei Mellini, 34 Rome.

He has a degree in Italian Literature and Philosophy with full marks that has received in young age . He has studied Sociology in Sorbona University of Paris. He has Travelled in America, Asia, Africa, Middle East. In 1960 he met the philosopher Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (Beatles' guru) which invited him to attend a course of Yoga doctrine and practice in sapient valley, Rishikesh, in a ancient sanskrit school. The course lasted, in countinous way, six month after that Brunetti, among various partecipants that come from various world's part, received by Jagadguru Bagwan Shankaracharya of Yotir Mat, owner of this teaching, the habilitation to diffusion of M.T. (Transcendental Meditation or "Raja Yoga") that has obtained a fast and maximum diffusion for its healthy psychophysical benefits of that the scientists study the effects. Come back in Italy he worked for this diffusion earning surprising results. Working in diffusion of historical and literary learning of non-violence, he has thought up and founded the International School of Studies for Universal Peace (ISSUP). He has projected and realized the Third Millenium Peace University with prestigious building on the Ganges riverside far away 200 Km from India's capital city: New Delhi. Ms Tara Gandhi Battaccharyee, grandchild of Mahatma Gandhi, lawyer V. Mungari, Italian Republic senator and president of ITALIA-INDIA parliamentary association, ms Cristina Colucci Vespucci and many professional collaborate for developing of national and international programs.
The ISSUP managership proposes Mario Brunetti to italian and foreign embassy, cultural aldermanship and local institution, programming conference and congress in Institute and University. Journalist, radio and TV are present to various manifestation.
Now he works for circulation of Peace Learning Edition, 90 books 90 authors. He proposes message of Planetary Man of Padre Balducci and Peace Encyclopedia.
Mario Brunetti proposes spare time in the Voluntary Service for pacifistic consciousness: Third Millenium Worldwide Citizen.
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