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Prof. Mario Brunetti
Prof. Mario Brunetti
Founder I.S.S.U.P

In west, finally, they are executed oriental studies and psycho-physical researches with affirming and quantifing scientific results. Specifically YOGA is a irreplaceable solution for Stress problems because there aren't pharmacology therapy to prevent deleterious effect. Yoga isn't only a therapy for Stress but, above all, it's the generative strenght of permanent Interior Peace that guarantees joie de vivre. If there is Interior Peace in each of us, in all family, in all community, in all country, in all five continent we can speak of World and Universal Peace, but it is necessary to start by single people and this is the fundamental role of Yoga.

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In 1981, ISSUP, legally founded as cultural asso-ciation non-se-ctarian, non-de-nominational, wi-thout the sake of gain. It was born for inspiration of founder Prof. Mario Bru-netti that works from 1961 in various part of world to develop in young man conscience of "World citi-zen".
Honorary Presidents
are grandson of Mahatma Gan-dhi, Tara Gandhi Battaccharjee and the Marqui-se Maria Cristi-na Colucci Ve-spucci the last descendant of A-merigo Vespuc-ci's family
- diffusion of pacifist didactics
- preservation of individual con-science nonvio-lent
- Cultural twin-ships and ex-change
- Ecologic and cultural Peace Tourism
- Foundation of centers for world voluntary service of Peace
- Voluntary ser-vice for peace in five continents
- Non-competiti-ve Sport
- Yoga, music-therapy, chromo