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How to invent
a new life
The true merit of a man
it's defined examining
in which size and in which way
he is arrived to free onself from

A. Einstein

Passing through Ego to Super Ego.
Accomplishing an equilibrium among having and being.
Making indvidual with more creating ideas and less parasitic thought.
To threshold of third millenium we are bound very much to personal side of life.
The adjective that interests us very much is "my".
"My" is the possessive adjective of Ego.
My brother, my mother, my husband, my house, my sons, and energys are dedicated always to satisfy " my".
If we compare humanity evolution to life phase of a single individual we must recognize sincerely we are child. Many technological discovery are used to overwhelm the other for "my" country, for "my" ideology, even for"my" religion. In Third Millenium there is the crisis of Ego, the triumph of Being, the transiction by "my" to "our", qua we are side of human species.
Industry and Consumerism crisis is one of many signs. Ego interests create a strong strain and a social stress of which we are victims, little space dedicates to disinterested action and to voluntary service. It doesn't developed the interest to one's "Being", that is the interest to consciouness intimate levels, from which emerge the being request, from Ego to Super Ego, from thinking to inventive ideas. It is many simple to observe until we give space to having, the being lies forgotten in consciouness intimate levels from which the being pushes . To experiment the Being, the mind must aim oneself to its source, from which it can get energy and joy, for this there is the necessity to pass to the experience of inside world of which the essential nature is the Silent.
The Earth, with its gravity, binds us to its surface, confers us a weight in way to satisfy own personal needs to guarantee the continuity. This is a vary loud, original trend to Mind towards own Ego.
In west, consumerism experience is going towards declining phase and has leave a frustrating sense of anguish and spiritual poverty.
In this contex it was born interest towards new subjects and it begins a way that sees many youngs attract from Eeast.
In 1960 Mario Brunettiwas in INDIA, in Rishikesh, in "Sapient Valley" where there is ancient sanskrit school, to take part to a course lasted, in countinous way, 6 month after that he recevied the habilitation to diffusion of Raja Yoga from
Jagadguru Bagwan Shankaracharya di Yotir Math, owner of this teaching in North India.

Shankaracharya di Yotir Math

1960: Shankaracharya of Yotir Math during the course that qualifies Mario Brunetti to teaching of Raja Yoga. Many students,that come from various world's part, take part to course

By this moment Mario Brunetti joins indissolubly his name to ISSUP of which he is the founder. He gave life continuously to cultural programs and initiatives that precede in time, according to conscience and spiritual needs of new generations.
In this period of uncertainty and transition he is able to trace a plan that guides all people want to search treasure hides in own depth inside.
With his lead the ISSUP (International School of Studies for Universal Peace) obtains the la collaboration of Cultural and Administrative authority of many italian and foreign city to realize programs to urge the positive that is present in society. He finds collaborator and sympathizer of all social category. It is well known that from Being depth borns an useful idea that everyone can benefit it indistinctly with only reason to be in Being, that is an idea doesn't justify by ideology or by will to serv something or someone, but it comes spontaneously from motivation stored in own Being.

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