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M. Brunetti

Innaugurazione Università della Pace
1993 - Peace Free University inauguration - Rishikesh - INDIA 

ISSUP itineraries are choosen to develop an ecologic and cultural tourism program.
Favorite destinations are Greece , Egypt, India, Russia, California. The triad Greece - India - California represents the evolutive course of indo-europea breed. In Europe, the school teachs that we are of indo-european breed, that ours genetic human and cultural past is buried in Indo Valley, where HOMO SAPIENS was born (scientists have asserted this); Homo Sapiens is the first man who ables to manage his rationality. The INDIA Millenary Learning represents a fundamental landmark for Knowledge of modern man.
It isn't random that it's related to INDIA as India Mother, an old ancient mother, that is full of frailty, but rich of wisdom. We tell again neither of the importance of Sanskrit, the Hindu ancient language, origin of Indo-European language, nor of inestimable value of Knowledge holding in Veda.
Indo-European people migration had followed Sun root, by East, where it rises, to West, where it wanes. By Hindo Valley, where Homo Sapiens was born, to Mediterranean land and from here to America. From short time West scientists are interested to Vedic learning, inspiration of UNICEF regulations, synthesis of mathematics and cosmologicals theories of Universe matter structure.

Prof. Brunetti in India

1967. ALLAHABAD - North INDIA . An italian group, conducted by M. Brunetti, (on camel, in photo), take part to KUMBA MELA, the big religious feast that occures every 12 years in one of blessed city, where many pilgrim are present.

Two big YOGI

Two big Yogi.
These special mans, descendant of Mother India's ancient tradition, that exists even today, elapses year in forest in absolute solitude, addressed to meditation and study.
In KUMBA MELA they meet pilgrims and give them their teaching and benediction.

From short time, in West, scientists study AYURVEDA, India Traditional Medicine, and Yoga the scientific system that permits to access to man inner depth. The biggest India message is how to have a serene and detached relation to death. For Indian, life and death aren't separated, but they are a continuous. It doesn't exist a clean delimitation between life and death.
When container has performed its function , it is simply burnt. As living is natural, so dieing is natural. In India, as Mrs Tara Gandhi says, it is possible to meet all life levels. If life, on Earth, appears on 600 thousand levels, so ancient civilizations aren't died, but they are transformed. According to ISSUP view, inspired by teaching of its founder, prof. Mario Brunetti, each continent has a particular message to discover. In our course, we discover the learning of Mediterranean land in Classic Greece. Greek learning has influenced a
rt, music, poetry, the birth of democratic idea, the philosophic and mathematic thought. When in this course we would meet ours future, we meet West, especailly California. This country, that represents the american dream, is the container of new ideas, of ancient knowledge rediscovery and it realizes in gross-technological level all the India and Egypt discovery obtained in a thin level. the this level.

In this country nature levels are on top degree. In mineral level we find gold, incorruptible element for excellence.
In vegetable level we find sequoia, the biggest and the most ancient organism of Earth. In animal level we find dolphin that, with their spectacular brain, is the top level of animal reign.
In human level, in California (Berkeley), the biggest minds lives and works, thinking to new hypothesis and discovery for a human better future.
In California there are studies the possibility to image a space outside the Earth attraction. It's probable this can produce a man with Super Ego, seeing that the Ego is due to Earth gravitational attraction. It's very instructive, in a one travel, to remain in India e poi California. In this century many oriental gurus have sojourned in California to diffuse their message; an example is YOGANANDA.
In California, it is very probably that we can meet the biggest teachers in oriental discipline, where Yoga, Chromotherapy and Musictherapy are to biggest level.

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