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Music and Yoga

A degree's dissertion on Yoga

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Yoga Life is an eternity flash.
You take coscience,
you try a global experience

M. Brunetti
Sanskritic School

Rishikesh Himalaya - Sanskritic School where M. Brunetti recevied habilitation to Raja Yoga teaching .

In 1981, ISSUP, legally founded as cultural asso-ciation non-se-ctarian, non-de-nominational, wi-thout the sake of gain. It was born for inspiration of founder Prof. Mario Bru-netti that works from 1961 in various part of world to develop in young man conscience of "World citi-zen".
Honorary Presidents
are grandson of Mahatma Gan-dhi, Tara Gandhi Battaccharjee and the Marqui-se Maria Cristi-na Colucci Ve-spucci the last descendant of A-merigo Vespuc-ci's family
- diffusion of pacifist didactics
- preservation of individual con-science nonvio-lent
- Cultural twin-ships and ex-change
- Ecologic and cultural Peace Tourism
- Foundation of centers for world voluntary service of Peace
- Voluntary ser-vice for peace in five continents
- Non-competiti-ve Sport
- Yoga, music-therapy, chromo