Yoga and Music
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Yoga and
 Ground is essence of all creature,
water is essence of ground.
Plants are essence of water,
man is essence of plants,
the word is essence of man,
Sacred Knowledge(Veda) is essence of the word,
SAMA-Veda (word, tone, sound) is essence of Veda,
OM is essence of SAMA-Veda



Yoga, as already mentioned, has a strict reference with musictherapy.
Particularly, Raja Yoga, has a dynamics based on the use of Mantra that is assigned individually by teacher to pupil: it has a very strict relation with language, by one part, and with music, by another part. Mantras come from Sanskrit, the most ancient language of Indo-European race. .
It's a common notion that different language creates, on the nervous cellule, a different resonance. For example, a resonance creates by French is different by resonance creates by English on the nervous cellule. So, resonance creates by the use of a mantra (sanskrit word) provokes an atomic and sub-atomic molecular rotation, on nervous cellule, different by risonance creates by other language. Sanskrit, in fact, is the most ancient language and so it is nearer to our genetic and cultural patrimony than other language; a language stores on deep level of the man memory.
The relation with music is very simple: mantra is a resonant vibration on inside organ involving endocrine glands and stimulating some part of cerebral cortex.
The use of Mantra in Raja Yoga doesn't contemplate the verbal repetition outside us, but the use, of same Mantra, inside us.
The use of Mantra occurs in the thin level and it is near to occult apparatus of man, creating a synthesis effect. In Raja Yoga, the start isn't the body periphery to arrive to mind, as occured in physical Yoga; the start is the superficial thinking activity level that provokes effects on organic-physiology level and on deep conscience level. This occurs because the mind sinks its root on organic level and on superconscience. We can compare the mind to a tree with roots in organic level and with boughs that proceeds towards the deep conscience level.
So, the mind is the means that links two aspects, the earthy aspect and the thin aspect of man. The Mantra action, through the risonance creates on inside organs and on glands of nervous system, puts in a optimal psycho-physiologic condition the human organism to allow to mind to transcend, that is to conduct oneself from superficial level of thinking activity to deep level of conscience activity, where, according to Yoga Tradition, there is our "Self".
This process is important on all level, from health level of human organism up to evolutive level.
Health level means that a optimal resonance of inside organs implies a their good physiology, a their good armony and a good comunication between them.
This Transcendental Process of mind puts in motion the human evolutive mechanism. To evolve oneself, in this case, it means to have the possibility to use in optimal manner all available means, so to make actual the "Being" potentiality. Humanity, in general way, uses, as scientists say, a part of its possibility; it perfoms all vegetal function necessary to maintain an alive organism, while it performs only few upper functions that are took in relation, by scientist, with cerebral cortex. There isn't any comparison between human cerebral cortex and animal cerebral cortex. For example, it's true that dolphin and other animal have a big brain, more convolute than man, but also it's true that the human cerebral cortex is thicker than other animal, so man is more developed than all creature, at least on Earth. This allows to man to use his creative function, to devote oneself to art, to have immagination, to have complex relation in the human society. Ultimately it allows to man to go in the extra-temporal dimension.
As man is divided among Being and Having, among ego and super ego, among vegetative aspects and creative aspects of his function as mind nature is diveded among a temporal level and extra-temporal level. Mind is on temporal level when it performs function of pure survival, it is on extra-temporal level when it has possibility to program the future; any individual can decide what to do tomorrow, between one mounth or one, ten, twenty year. This underestimate possibility is of extraordinary importance and is bound to temporal and extratemporal nature of Mind. During Raja Yoga exercise, that many I.S.S.U.P. associates unroll daily, the Mind transcends the temporal level. The associate spends few minutes, morning and evening, to execute exercise. One of first experience is the discovery that time spends quickly, that is we don't become aware the pass of it.
This is possible because orgainism, during the transcendence, is subtracted by relative organic plain and so it allows the energy recovery and the stress elimination. The Mantra resonance effect is compared to effect of a good music on the organism. This is only a comparison, but it allows to approach Raja Yoga understanding. It is a common idea that some music, above all classic music, have a beneficient effect on various levels with a better individual behavoiur.
In the vegetable reign, plants benefits of positive effect of misuc and in the animal reign, some experiments in some breedings have tested that some musics permits to cow to product more milk than other musics. So in the human reign, the big diffusion of music is due to well being and to positive feeling that music products in the organism.
All nervous ways of human ear are connected to the brain and they establish some connections in a side of cerebral cortex and in other side, with the vegetative system that allows the vegetative organic life of man. So the musical vibratory effect can reverberate, vibrate, give effect on creative superior capacity. The same thing happens with the use of Mantra, that is a sound used indoors, that is associated with the hearing and brings to trascendence. According to the tradition teached by Indian teachers, Mantras are concentration of positive energy that give entry to own inner deeps. For this, Mantra assignment is important and teachers must be qualified only after a long training and after they have a sufficient experience to allow to other to access to deep consciousness plane. Therefore the start have a fundamental importance in this process and, if it started fine, student can quietly continue own experience in the own daily life without to subtract time to relative plane. To put into practice Raja Yoga means to water the roots to see flourish again the tree.
With a technique that carries directly to synthesis, humanity has the possibility to put itself in contact with its roots and to regenerate its natural humus with all benefits that it reflect in everybody life. Generally, man's happiness and joyousness are binded to external circumstances; when we receive a work or family gratification or when our life proceeds on a good way, we are satisfied and happiness. Often, when external circumstances proceed against our satisfaction and become adverse, when our sons don't gratify us, when we don't receive what we expect by work or other, so when we our personal wishes aren't satisfied, our unhappiness and dissatisfaction was born. Instead, Yoga gives the possibility to man to enjoy the bliss and the joyousness that are the real nature of Being, the individual Oneself, free by external circumstance. Obviously, it's a process that happens gradually and also in the first period of Yoga practice, we have expansion, joyousness, and bliss experiences that aren't justified by no external factor but they come from our interior nature. The contact with this first experiences must be got stronger with constant practice.
Yoga doesn't remove anything to relative level, to affections, to family, to work, on the contrary, it adds to this level self-consciousness satisfaction that amplifies the positive of mans personal life. Many experiments and studies are been executed to explain in scientific way the Yoga outcome on man.
For example, all sound of our organism, as heart flutter, blood flow in artery, air in respiratory way, intestinal sound, are amplified through fit equipment.
If man can listen for few minutes all this sounds, he goes crazy because they are very many; furthermore, this sounds are like nature sounds, as waterfall flow, a storm on the sea, the wind that goes through a tree, and so on. Luckily, our body mechanism allows us to don't hear this inside sounds. In some illness, man is aware of this sounds, but in this situation it passes by physiology to pathology. Now, the importance of mind on man body is confirmed by psycho-somatic medicine that indentifies how psychic stress influences the body.
So all illness has a physical and psychic effect because man is an unique entity. When Raja Yoga is put in practice, the Mantra resonant action creates the harmonization of all "sounds" that are present inside organism; in this manner the organism is in equilibrium without to waste a surplus energy to deal, for example, a stress on cardiac work or on liver work or on diaphragm and so on respiration. Instead this surplus energy is saved and is used to allow to mind to access in more deep levels.
With the Raja Yoga practice there is a bigger inside order.
The test of this is the oxygen consumption decrease during the exercise.
In expert man this consumption can decrease until the 25%. Ultimately the research demonstrates that in Raja Yoga exercise there is a relaxation that allows to remove stress.
The nervous system without stress is the physiologic basis on which there is a mind in expansion.
Yoga hasn't to be used as therapy; it's right that an ill man, before he begins the Yoga practice or during this practice, he undertakes, if necessary, a right therapy, preferably a naural therapy that doesn't bring toxic elements in body.
It can learn to practice Raja Yoga in all main I.S.S.U.P. centers in Italy. An organization of doctors and psychologists follows in a direct an personal way every student. The Raja Yoga practice is very easy to learn and in a little of time. It is a spontaneous phenomenon of mind