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What's I.S.S.U.P.
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Universal Peace University on Ganges river Rishikesh-India

I. S. S. U. P.
International School of Studies for Universal Peace

It is the first school in Italy, interested to Peace as individual intimal achievement before to be a collective achievement with the theoretical and practical contribution of cultural and spiritual tradition of Five Continents.
Peace, understanding by ISSUP, isn't the war absence, it isn't an achievement using crowd show, it isn't a socio-economical recipe to apply to a society, but it's a Conscience State, before an individual state and then collective.
ISSUP was born in Rishikesh in Sapient Valley, near Himalaya in North India and from there it riceives the spiritual energy to direct its action.
ISSUP has sympathizers and members around the world: Greece, in Egypt, in North America, in Australia, in Russia. In Italy the national seat is in Rome, presidential seat is in Montaguto (Avellino), Puglia seat is in Bari.

To realize Peace, ISSUP promotes phisical and mental Yoga course, mild gymnastic course, CHI-KUNG course, free dance. Special attention is directed to child and young who are sensible and ready to accept new ideas. ISSUP expert had be able to observ, with test diffused in inferior and superior middle school, that it exists a natural trend of new generation to identify with new ideas as ecology, the study of new language, inclination to travel to know, admiration of Peace mans.
A requirement of new generation is to be World Citizen. ISSUP can respond to this requirement giving suitable means and itineraries. Teaching of this cultural association is directed to make World Citizen Conscience in new generation. Travels, understood as Peace vehicles, are the favoured means for this aim.
Travel is a direct knowledge mean to know on place the positive message of tradition and learning of all continents. Genetic and cultural matrix of Indo-European race is buried in valley's Indo, so the favour itinerary of ISSUP is India Mother with its Universal Peace Message.
Third Millenium Man wants to belog to World, Earth planet, so patriotism sense is finishing. This process is accelerated by media that allows, in briefly, the spread of new idea also in far place of Earth.
ISSUP partners are Volunteer, they belong to various social class, they operate in their free time. ISSUP doesnt't recevied institutional money to realize its programs and it isn't bound to religious and politcs idea; this is the statute essence and ISSUP maintains its identity of above-part organization. To realize its programs, association collaborated with local, national, international cultural and adminisrative authority, journalist, teachers and show man. They took part to various ISSUP demonstration.
Cultural department of Cina, India, United States, Romania and other States embassys provided didactic documents, video, arts, music to enrich Association exhibition, cultural week, conference and every Association initiative.
Ambassadors and cultural representatives of foreign embassy have often attended ISSUP programs. Honorary ISSUP president are mrs Tara Gandhi Battaccharye, grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, and Marquise Maria Cristina Colocci-Vespucci, the last descendant of Amerigo Vespucci's family, who has donated to Jesi minicipality hers museum house. By 1983 Association Presidents are been DR. Carlo Balestra, homeopathy doctor , by 1996 DR. Giuseppe Negro, acupuncturist doctor, first Third Millenium Free University rector, by 1998 DR. Domenico Scoglietti, homeopathy doctor, ardent supporter and collaborator of prof. Brunetti.

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What's I.S.S.U.P.
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