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Universal Peace University

Free University

of Peace

I haven't nothing to teach
to the world.
The truth
and no-violence are ancient
as the mountains

Mahatma Gandhi

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Free University of Peace and Silence (Energy Source)
arises front Uttar Pradejsh National Park, on Gange's riverside, near Himalaya Monutains,
where it's possible to enjoy of unique scenery in the world.

It was born in RISHIKESH , in the SAPIENT VALLEY, where the tradition says that, in this place, Veda are been written. It is built with the voluntary contribution of I.S.S.U.P. associates.
Free University is located on Gange's riverside where it's possible to enjoy a view of unique beauty in the world. In December 29 1993it was been inaugurated by ISSUP Honorary President, Mrs Tara Gandhi Battacharyee, Mahatma Gandhi grandchild, with the approval of Italian Authority as Carlo Azeglio Ciampi and Republic President.
It's aim is to be a cultural bridge between East and West in the magical atmosphere of Rishikesh, near Himalaya. In this place, it is realized a dream that was born in 1960.
In the Free Univercity of Peace it wishes that Nobel mans teach to street man.
If it's true that voluntary service is for everybody, also it's is true that the way of human evolution are Health and Learning; so teachers and doctors are called to dedicate a minimum of their free time to other for love.
I.S.S.U.P place at Professional Voluntary's disposal the Free University of Peace.
In December, in the Free University there is a World Congress of Silence.
Only with theAcoustic and Mental Silence it can occur the human evolution and everybody can prepare to realize the fundamental value.

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Free University of Peace was been realized by contribution of ISSUP Volunteer associate. In photo an inauguration istant with Mrs Tara GANDHI, Mahatma Gandhi grandchild, ISSUP Honorary President.

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