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Life is an eternity flash. You take coscience,
you try a global experience


                   M. Brunetti


Sanskritic School

Rishikesh Himalaya - Sanskritic School where M. Brunetti recevied habilitation to Raja Yoga teaching .

The main core of I.S.S.U.P. teaching is based on YOGA.
Many I.S.S.U.P. associates practice RAJA YOGA or Real Yoga or Regal Yoga, or Mind Yoga. The teachers are been qualified in India, after a long training of personal practice and direct checking of elect teacher, prof. Mario Brunetti, who had learned this technique in India, in the Hindo Valley, where there is the Peace and Silence Free University.
From many years, I.S.S.U.P. activities are directed to encourage the spread of positive energy, in this millennium end, in which there is the old religious and political ideologies decline that produces a big vacuum and uncertainty. As every millenium end, humanity must face a passing crisis, as an house removal, where many objects are found or broke, or lose. Humanity is in this situation of uncertainty and transition. The old ideologies crisis has allowed the circulation of new ideas that include ecology, environment, religion, politics and philosophy and are based on man and his experience. There is a big difference between East and Western philosophy. East philosphy is an aspect of practical life, it must have a value in the life, it must give a view of man and his existence and it must offer a landmark. Western philosophy is became a cultural speculation, a speaking of speaking, without connection with practical life. In the Oriental philosophy, Yoga has a privileged consideration .
Yoga is been considered as mysticism, religion, a philosopgy without a pratical value or a simple gymnastics. All this view points are the result of our subculture on Yoga. Instead Yoga is a scientific system that knows very well the man, his phisic, thin, invisible,metaphysics composition. Its physiologyc and hidden mechanisms trace suitable way to realize the cohesion between latent energy and physiologic aspect of man to proceed towards the realization of personal potentiality. The principal aim of Yoga is to liberate mind potentiality to create the physiological fundamental for a conscience expansion that means more secutity, memory, trust, optimism.
Yoga is quickly diffusing in Occident because it meets the needs of direct experience of man street that isn't satisfied of ready-made recipe, but he wants to live a personal and physiological experience of discoveries and truths expressed by big mans that have anticipated, in this, the humanity.
Yoga allows to discover, in ourselves, the hide treasures of Being.The West psychology is stopped to investigate the superficial levels of mind, the conscious, the subconscious and unconscious. Usually we are conscious, we think to this or that one, the thought is already the thought of something. In Yoga,
trascending common levels of conscience, we have an experience of mental dimension of pure awareness,that is without contents of our "Being", source of positive human qualities.
The word "Being" calls back to mind the word "seed" as power, that want to transform itself in action as potentiality to put into effect. It also calls back to mind the word "source" as man vitality source buried in mind deep levels. We can compare the mind to ocean of which the superficial levels are agitated in according to external circumstance.
As ocean surface is moved by wind, so the mind surface can be agitated by thoughts or stress that produce restlessness. So the man moves himself towards analysis and ideas dispersion and not towards the synthesis action and the realization of own creative ideas. But in deep levels of ocean the streams are stable and not even a furius storm can disturb the deep levels of mind that are left in the Silence.
Yoga allows to mind to arrive to source, the mind way by superficial levels to deep levels; but it isn't wrong to say "way", it is stand in this experience, to make this experience, "being" the same experience.

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