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Yoga and Alpha Wave
Yoga and Alpha Wave
The Youth isn't
a life period,
but a mind status.

D. Macarthur

Electroencephalogram of man that practices YogaElectroencephalogram of man that practices YogaUniversity Degree Thesis on Yoga

Electroencephalogram tracing of man when proctices Raja Yoga. Evident changing slow alpha waves during the Raja Yoga practice. This waves are inclined to conduct oneself from back zone to front zone. Transparencies gets by thesis 'Clinical data on mans that practice Yoga.' session 1991-92 of DR. Giuseppe Negro, acupuncturist, Raja Yoga teacher and ISSUP backer.


To involve other and environment in positive way, it is necessary that everybody learn to produce a large quantity of alpha wave. When we'll be able to produce some billion of alpha wave, then the our cerebral system will be a powerful transmitter of positive messages that, through ether, arrive to million of waiting aerial.
The most interesting phase of actual research on Yoga demonstrates that one man, in transcendence phase, produces an cerebral activity of alpha type.
The alpha wave involves a good part of cerebral hemispheres in symmetric way. The cortex activity of expert man is ordered and synchronous. Very many Yoga effects can be explain on basis of this discovery.
It believes that if more mans produce alpha wave so less stress exists in social life. The waves are reputed the secret of man psychophysical well being. The alpha waves are produced by mantra resonance on man body. We are composed, in good part, by water that is a resonance medium.
The personal magnetism is due to alpha wave quantity produced and it is for this that things said by two different mans can have an different efficacy. This topic becomes more fascinating when Yoga science asserts that our personal resonance reaches and influences the universe.

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